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Benefits of BBPS

Utility service providers would be able to get payments instantly

BBPS platform would have fraud monitoring and risk mitigation systems

There would be retail points for bill payments across the country who would be able to accept all kinds of bills payments

Payments would be made securely through the NPCI network with instant receipts getting generated.

Value added services can be added by the operators

NPIC plans is to expand its service area to include school fee, university fee, municipality taxes, mutual funds, insurance premiums etc


Benefits of AePS

Easy cash withdrwal with just thumb impressions.

AEPS empowers an agent/retailer to become a Micro ATM.

AePS Micro ATM can set up in just three Easy Steps

Card less transactions

You will earn on every transaction that you do on behalf of your consumer.

Customers dont need to stand in long bank queues to avail banking services

AePS Micro ATM can be set up at a very small cost with a portable device

Removes complications of remembering the PIN and other verification codes

Reliable Low risk system governed by NPCI

Zero transaction cost to customer

Increased footfall shall result in increase of your core business

Removes physical KYC documents barrier

Interoperable device and can work for any bank

Reach to remote locations

Easy to carry, easy to setup anywhere in the remote area


Some features of our recharge system are

Instant commission credit in wallet after every successful transaction

Automatic refunds in case of failures

Automatic refunds in case of failures

Support for both API and LAPU based recharges

App Notifications/Desktop Notifications/URL Callback whenever any recharge is refunded

Supports most of the operator denominations/plans

Support for SMS based recharge (without internet or offline) for our retailers

Automatic operator and circle finder for prepaid mobiles


Some features of RMONEY & IMONEY are

Non-KYC Customer transaction Limit: Rs 75,000/- per month (best in the industry)

Instant settlement from wallet after successful transaction

Automatic refunds in case of failures (OTP based for enhanced security)

Feature of account verification for most of the banks

Send up to 25000 in one transaction. No need to do multiple transactions of Rs 5000 for higher amounts

Automatic reconciliation with various banks for pending transactions

Support for both IMPS and NEFT transactions.

App Notifications/Desktop Notifications/URL Callback whenever any transaction is refunded

Support for bill payments of credit cards using NEFT


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